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245 1 0 _aActivism in Architecture :
_bBright Dreams of Passive Energy Design.
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490 1 _aRoutledge Research in Architecture Ser.
505 0 _aCover; Half Title; Series Information; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Endorsement; Table of contents; Illustrations; List of Contributors; Acknowledgments; Introduction: Still in haste; Activism, freedom and passive energy design; Passive activist: Harold R. Hay; Part I: once upon a sun; Part II: active repercussions; Part III: necessity and pleasure; Notes; Part I Once upon a sun; 1 Letter to the Select Committee On Small Business of the United States Senate; Notes; 2 A clear sky story on the evolution of passive solar design: The source and multiple applications ... ; Notes.
505 8 _a3 Harold Hay's influence and the Zomeworks CorporationAlternatives to movable insulation; Skytherm and drum walls; Notes; 4 Free passive solar heating for cold, cloudy winters: Designing molecules and crystal structures; Uniting inventions: Weather Panel; Massive success of Low-E glazing and a missed opportunity; Development of Cloud Gel thermo-optical shutter; The urgent necessity for free clean energy; Notes; 5 The empire strikes back: When too good becomes threatening; Harold Hay's legacy; Notes; 6 Determining market demand and feasibility for roof pond systems in California; Flat roofs.
505 8 _aChanging nature of the California regulatory and legal environmentArizona and New Mexico; Estimating housing demand in California; Data assembly; Fitting the models into a pragmatic approach; Celebrating the model; Locational methodology; Discussion; Notes; Part II Active repercussions; 7 Creating the context for a solar future: Two activists, two buildings; Two activists; Two buildings; Notes; 8 Shade, mass and water: Activism by degrees; Shade; Mass; Water; Energy activism; Notes; 9 Passive cooling systems in times of climate change; Cooling with air; Cooling with water.
505 8 _aCooling with the skyNotes; 10 Actively stretching passive: Adventures with night roof spray cooling; Nurtured by California; How and how well?; Add venture to passive; New life with off-roof storage; The best yet; Parkview Place; Bright future?; Summary; Notes; 11 Untapped potentials in Harold Hay's roof pond system for passive heating in cold climate regions; From movable insulation in India to water as thermal mass; Using water as a thermal mass; The rise of the roof pond; Radical adaptation of the roof pond for cold climate regions; The Muncie Passive Solar Project.
505 8 _aA validated methodology to predict the performance of Skytherm NorthThe superior performance of Skytherm North; The untapped genius of Harold R. Hay; Notes; Part III Necessity and pleasure; 12 Building experience; Responsive materials and systems; Situating; Programmable materials; Phase-change background; Adaptive architecture; Phase-change tiles; Prototypes and design process; On mass and transparency; Conclusion; Notes; 13 Thermal landscaping of buildings: Climate-proofing design; The thermal landscaping of buildings; Ways forward: suggestions for a new comfort code; Notes.
500 _a14 Resilience as a driver of passive design.
520 _aThis edited collection gathers contributions from a diverse range of renowned scholars and professionals to uncover the unique relationship between passive architectural systems and activism. Focusing on the pioneering work of the influential American chemist and inventor, Harold R. Hay (1909-2009), and the environmental awareness events that took hold in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s, the book assembles essays which closely examine Hay's contribution to architecture and the work of those who directly and tangentially were affected by it. The book also offers insights into the role of passive energy design today. Appealing to researchers, architects and students interested in architecture and design technology, Activism in Architecture explores the role of passive environmental inventions as an active agent in shaping socio-political debates.
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_q(Harold R.)
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_xAdaptive Reuse & Renovation.
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