Soil phosphorus / edited by Rattan Lal, The Ohio State University Columbus, USA; B.A. Stewart West Texas A&M University Canyon, USA. - 1 online resource - Advances in soil science . - Advances in soil science (Boca Raton, Fla.) .

chapter 1. The global phosphorus cycle / Gabriel M. Filippelli -- chapter 2. Positive and negative effects of phosphorus fertilizer on U.S. agriculture and the environment / B.A. Stewart, Pramod Pokhrel, and Mahendra Bhandari -- chapter 3. Contribution to advances in soil sciences / Daniel Sebastian Goll -- chapter 4. Phosphorus in soil and plant in relation to human nutrition and health / Rajendra Prasad, Samendra Prasad and Rattan Lal -- chapter 5. Phosphorus management / Rajendra Prasad, Yashvir Singh Shivay, Kaushik Majumdar and Samendra Prasad -- chapter 6. Phosphorus effluxes from lake sediments / Sergei Katsev -- chapter 7. Economic and policy issues of phosphorus management in agro-ecosystems / Otto C. Doering III -- chapter 8. Phosphorus fertilization and management in soils of Sub-Saharan Africa / Andrew J. Margenot, Bal R. Singh, Idupulapati M. Rao, Rolf Sommer -- chapter 9. Phosphorus and the environment / Rattan Lal -- chapter 10. Enhancing efficiency of phosphorus fertilizers through formula modifications / Ruiqiang Liu and Rattan Lal -- chapter 11. Soil phosphorus cycling in tropical soils: an ultisol and oxisol perspective / Sasha C. Reed and Tana E. Wood -- chapter 12. The use of phosphorus radioisotopes to investigate soil phosphorus dynamics and cycling in soil-plant systems / Long Nguyen, Felipe Zapata and Joseph Adu-Gyamfi -- chapter 13. Pathways and fate of phosphorus in agroecosystems / Rattan Lal.

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Phosphorus in agriculture.
Soils--Phosphorus content.

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