Temple, Nicholas,

Architecture and the language debate : artistic and linguistic exchanges in early modern Italy / Nicholas Temple. - 1 online resource. - Routledge research in architectural history .

Cover -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- List of figures -- About the cover -- Figure credits -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Notes -- 1. Poetic language in the early Renaissance (volgare versus Latin) -- Introduction -- Latin and the vernacular -- Council of Florence -- Eloquence, rhetoric and grammar -- Alberto's grammar of the Tuscan dialect -- Certame coronario and poetry -- Dante, Florence cathedral and the Tuscan language -- Voice and gesture in pictorial space -- Cursive script and Roman inscription Inscribing instaurata -- Conclusion -- Notes -- 2. Resuscitative language in the late Renaissance (Antiquarianism) -- Introduction -- The accretions of ornament -- Figurative sculpture -- Pirro Ligorio's antiquarianism -- The Casino of Pius IV -- The agone -- Conclusion -- Notes -- 3. Universal language in the Baroque (ethnography) -- Introduction -- The new Baroque sensibility -- Propaganda Fide and the Society of Jesus -- Athanasius Kircher and hieroglyphics -- Characteristica universalis and combinatorics -- Collegio Romano and the four continents -- Allegorical quadrature La Sapienza and the Aristotelian dispute -- Conclusion -- Notes -- 4. Pastoral language in the early eighteenth century (Arcadianism) -- Republic of Letters -- History and ethos of the Arcadians -- Design and iconography of the Accademia degli Arcadi -- The Palazzo Corsini and the architecture of 'buon gusto' -- St. Eustachio and the ethos of early Christian architecture -- Architecture contests and theatre performances among the Arcadians -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Select bibliography -- Index

"This book examines the creative exchanges between architects, artists and intellectuals, from the Early Renaissance to the beginning of the Enlightenment, in the forging of relationships between architecture and emerging concepts of language in early modern in Italy. The study extends across the spectrum of linguistic disputes during this time - among members of the clergy, humanists, philosophers and polymaths - on issues of grammar, rhetoric, philology, etymology and epigraphy, and how these disputes paralleled and informed important developments in architectural thinking and practice. Drawing upon a wealth of primary source material, such as humanist tracts, philosophical works, architectural/antiquarian treatises, epigraphic/philological studies, religious sermons and grammaticae, the book traces key periods when the emerging field of linguistics in early modern Italy impacted on the theory, design and symbolism of buildings"--

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Communication in architecture--History.--Italy
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